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Available Modules

To review all the modules of your website template, access the Settings option in the top navigation menu of the CMS interface then click Available Modules.

Use the Search option located right above the list box to find modules by name, type and/or by status.

 - use this button to trigger the detail section of a module where you can edit all of its default settings.

There are two types of modules: instance and global

Instance modules are the ones based on which you can create new frontend menu items in the Add New Page section.

Changes to the default settings of an instance module do not apply retroactively. They will affect only the frontend menu items you create based on it from that moment onward.

Global modules are the ones that, in most cases, centralize the data and ensure a great functionality over time.

Some modules have no settings to configure that would benefit you in any way, therefore we removed the edit option for stability and safety reasons.