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To review all the currencies you may choose to create, access the Settings option in the top navigation menu of the CMS interface then click Currencies.

To add a new currency:

  1. Click the Add New Record button located in the upper-right corner of the list box.
  2. In the Add New Currency box, you must enter the ISO3 currency code, a prefix or a suffix, status and exchange rate.
  3. Click the Save button.
Leave the Exchange Rate field empty for the default currency.

  • The prefix/suffix is what gets displayed in front/after a value on the frontend. Obviously, use either a prefix or a suffix for each ISO3 code.
  • The prefix for the US Dollar can be the currency symbol $ or the abbreviations USDUS$, and so on.

Use these buttons to:

 - order the currency list ascending or descending.

 - delete any currency.

 - trigger the detail page of any currency where you can edit all of its settings and exchange rate.

By default, the currency in which you can input prices in the store is the USD. All of the other currencies you may choose to add will automatically appear on the frontend, if selected by the user, converted at the exchange rate you set in their detail page.