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Link to Global Module

Create a new shortcut link to a global module

1. Access the Site Structure option in the top navigation menu of the CMS interface then click Add New Page.

2. In the Add New Page box, select the Link to Global Module option from the first dropdown list.

3. Select the global module you want to link to from the second corresponding dropdown list and give it a name in the Menu Title field, then click the Next button.

To include this link in a dropdown menu, select one from the Category dropdown list. If this list is empty, learn more about categories.

4. After you completed the other available settings and clicked the Save button, the newly created shortcut link will appear in the left side column of the CMS interface, with the name you have just entered, preceded by a file icon.

Edit the shortcut link settings

The quick way to reach the Settings section of your shortcut link at any time is by clicking its name in the left side column of the CMS interface > Edit/Save buttons.

By default, all new links to global modules are disabled (not displayed on the frontend). If the file icon is of red color, it means that the shortcut link is disabled. You can enable it by selecting the Status enabled checkbox. When the file icon is of white color, it means that the shortcut link is enabled.

  • Choose only certain device types on which a shortcut link should be displayed on by clearing the Appears on checkboxes.
  • Change the name of any shortcut link in the Menu Title field.
  • Move any shortcut link in a dropdown menu by selecting one from the Category dropdown list.
To organize your site structure and frontend navigation menu, learn more about the Manage Pages section.