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Skins & Styles

To manage your frontend skins and visual styles, access the Settings option in the top navigation menu of the CMS interface then click Skins & Styles.

Click on the tabs to access different settings areas. You can recognize which tab you are on by color association, e.g., if you click on the purple tab, all the boxes located right beneath the tab bar will turn purple.

The Settings tab: main skin and style options

Use the Edit/Save buttons located in the upper-right corner of the section to:

  • Change the default skin.
  • Apply the skin to all pages without a manually selected skin or overwrite all the skins on all the pages.
  • Set the menu style: closed or opened.
  • Opt for a sticky menu. 
  • Change the layout style: full width, boxed center, boxed left, boxed right. 

The Skins tab: use the CSS skin editor and apply skins to specific pages

Use the Search option located right above the list box to find skins by name and/or by specific pages they are applied to.

Use the Add New Record button located in the upper-right corner of the list box to create a new skin.

Use these buttons to:

 - order the skin list ascending or descending.

 - delete any skin.

 - trigger the edit section of any skin (CSS skin editor).

 - duplicate any skin, in case you don't want to customize one from scratch.