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Modules & Site Structure

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One-page vs multi-page templates

Each website template comes with a certain number of instance modules based on which you can create frontend menu items.


  • In multi-page templates, menu items are usually pages, but they can also be dropdown menus (based on Category) or links (based on Manual Link).
  • In one-page templates, menu items are still mostly pages, but they are being loaded all at once and appended one under the other on the frontend as sections.

That is why, the present documentation applies to both types of templates. The CMS interface and workflow is the same.

SEO benefit: a single page website template will get indexed by search engines as a multi-page, simply because each menu item (section) you create on the frontend is actually a complete page with its own URL, meta title and meta description. It is 100% white hat SEO, nothing is hidden from the search engines.

Create a new frontend menu item (page, section)

1. Access the Site Structure option in the top navigation menu of the CMS interface then click Add New Page.

2. Select the base instance module from the Module Type dropdown list.

3. Give the menu item a name in the Menu Title field, then click the Next button.

4. Complete the other available general settings and click the Save button.