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To review and edit the layouts of your pages, access the Site Structure option in the top navigation menu of the CMS interface then click Layouts.

To double-check if you have identified the right layout of the page you want to customize, click the page name in the left side column of the CMS interface > Settings tab > Advanced Settings > Design Layouts box.

In the Layouts section

Use the Search option located right above the list box to find layouts by name and/or by type.

Use these buttons to:

 - order the layout list ascending or descending.

 - delete any layout.

 - trigger the detail section of any layout where you can edit its name and structure.

 - duplicate any layout, in case you don't want to customize one from scratch.

 - trigger the Layout Widgets Editor of any layout where you can drag and drop widgets to the desired position on the layout.

If you delete a layout that is assigned to one or multiple pages, your content will not be lost. Those pages will automatically continue to use the default global fallback layouts. You can change these in the Layouts Settings section by clicking the Layouts tab > Settings > Edit button.

The two ways in which you can assign a layout

1. To an existing page: in its advanced module settings section by clicking the page name in the left side column of the CMS interface > Settings tab > Advanced Settings > Edit button > Design Layouts box.

2. To a module: in the Available Modules section, which will affect only the pages you create from the moment this change is made. All your old pages will keep using the previous module layouts they were created on.