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The Layout Widgets Editor

Drag and drop widgets on a layout

To trigger the Layout Widgets Editor of any layout:

 - use the Manage Widgets shortcut button from the Layouts - Search Results list box.

 - use the Manage Widgets button located in the upper-right corner of the Layout Blocks list box from the layout detail section.

In the Layout Widgets Editor:

You can drag and drop any widget, as many times as you want, from the Available Widgets box to any column of any layout block, then click the Save button. You can also vertically drag and drop widgets in the same column, which will change the order they appear on the frontend.

If you have multiple columns and/or layout blocks, you cannot drag and drop a widget from one column to another nor from one layout block to another. First, you will have to delete the widget from the layout, then drag and drop it again from the Available Widgets box to the desired position on the layout.

  • In rare cases, you might want to build a layout 100% out of widgets and assign it to a widgets only page.
  • In every other situation, you must always drag and drop the Module Content "widget" somewhere on every new content type layout. This is a special kind of "widget" that displays the content of the module on which the page is based.

You can use the filter or the search option located on the upper side of the Available Widgets box to find widgets by module or widget name. To identify which widget is which, pay attention to the following format:

Module Name : Widget Type
"widget name"

The two ways in which you can assign a layout

1. To an existing page: in its advanced module settings section by clicking the page name in the left side column of the CMS interface > Settings tab > Advanced Settings > Edit button > Design Layouts box.

2. To a module: in the Available Modules section, which will affect only the pages you create from the moment this change is made. All your old pages will keep using the previous module layouts they were created on.