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Merger - Corporate HTML5 Template for Business

Flexible multi-page HTML5 / CSS3 website template with CMS aimed at businesses of all types and sizes. Extremely customizable design that will help entrepreneurs build their classy online presence.

Even so, we encourage you to look beyond the demo version. Just because we present it as most suitable for a particular niche does not necessarily mean that its potential stops there. By using only certain modules and/or taking a fresh approach with your content type and structure, the final project can end up looking surprisingly different.

This is not a builder or a regular open-source CMS nicely packed with a website design. This is a genuine modular and scalable web CMS software platform in PHP, which is the end product of 10+ years of web development expertise.

Separate frontend display rules to create mobile & tablet versions

The fully responsive design looks great on all screen sizes and resolutions. Still, we thought of taking it to the next level by introducing separate frontend display rules for each menu item (section) you create. By simply clearing a checkbox in the CMS, you can set each menu item (section) to appear only on desktops, tablets and/or mobile phones.

You can also use this feature at a more granular level for widgets, shortcodes, sliders and maps, thus actually creating 3 different versions of the same website. This will significantly increase the mobile user experience you are offering in a time when it's pretty clear that nobody can afford to ignore mobile traffic anymore.

100% truly tablet-ready CMS

Our in-house built content management system is so easy to use that you can manage everything in a few clicks. It is also 100% responsive, designed and tested so you can really use all its features effortlessly even from a tablet.

The CMS has no Flash components at all, so it will work perfectly on all Apple devices.

Of course, you can access it from your smartphone and perform the same tasks, but stating that it is also a sheer joy would be false advertising. Nobody can fit this much functionality into a genuine mobile user-friendly interface.

Unlimited menu items based on these 20 available modules + Users Premium Module

The modular structure of our CMS allows you to create as many pages of the same type you want. For example, you can have one or multiple dropdown menus filled with dozens of galleries, each one having its own URL and albums. Of course, it's an extreme scenario but the point here is you are not limited in any way when it comes to building your site structure.

Most of the modules have very relevant and obvious names:

  1. Blog
  2. Category
  3. Clients
  4. Contact
  5. Departments
  6. Dropdown Mega Menu
  7. FAQ
  8. File List
  9. Gallery
  10. Jobs
  11. Link to Global Module
  12. Manual Link
  13. News
  14. Portfolio
  15. Rich Text Editor
  16. Services
  17. Team
  18. Testimonials
  19. Timeline
  20. Widgets Only

42 widget types & layouts with a drag and drop editor

  • create as many widgets as you want (static & dynamic)
  • create content or footer layouts on blocks (Bootstrap grid system)
  • use the Layout Widgets Editor to drag and drop widgets to the desired position on a layout

SEO friendly & marketing oriented

  • Built-in URL rewrite engine to generate friendly URLs
  • Robots.txt file editor for HTTP & HTTPS
  • Tracking codes support for specific pages or the entire website (w/ CodeMirror)
  • 404-403 error collector & 301-302 redirects
  • ALT attribute field for images
  • Character counter for each meta title and meta description
  • Robots [META] tag for each page
  • Automatically generated XML sitemap based on
  • Google Search Console & Analytics support (Classic, Universal and custom tracking codes)
  • Bing Webmaster Tools support
  • AddThis & ShareThis support

Other key features

  • PHP5+ object-oriented programming (OOP) technique
  • Tablet ready - built with Bootstrap 3.3.4 framework
  • Separate frontend display rules for mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Built-in MySQL Adminer tool: full-featured database management editor
  • Built-in PHP Info tool: outputs information about PHP's configuration
  • CMS forms & pages generated using XML files
  • CSS / JS concatenation & minification
  • Native multilanguage support
  • Built-in coming soon / maintenance module - placeholder page
  • Incorporated CKEditor
  • Built-in file manager
  • Native shortcode support (predefined & custom)
  • Built-in CSS skin editor (w/ CodeMirror)
  • HTML / JS image cropper & image mass uploader
  • HTML / JS file uploader
  • Supports multiple outgoing email servers; based on SwiftMailer and PHPMailer libraries
  • Email logger & debugger
  • Built-in CAPTCHA support
  • Icon Font support (IcoMoon)
  • Incorporated CMS documentation (can be deactivated)
  • Commercial reuse licence - 100% flexible branding (frontend & CMS)

System requirements

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Apache mod_rewrite module
  • PHP 5+
  • The following PHP modules:
    • MySQL legacy or MySQLi
    • GD 2+ Library with Freetype
    • cURL with SSL support
    • JSON
  • PHP Memory Limit 64Mb (more might be required to handle large images)
  • PHP Safe Mode Off
  • MySQL 5+

* all demo images were legally acquired from and are not included with your purchase.

Developer License

$ 94

To be used for a single commercial project.

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Available Since:19 December 2015
Last Updated:14 September 2016
Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Safari, Opera
Mobile Ready:Yes
CSS Framework:Bootstrap 3.3.4
Video Support:Yes
Included Files:PHP source, JS, CSS