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Your mobile UX probably sucks but you can now fix this in a few clicks

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, then you should already know that mobile traffic is not something that anybody with a serious online business plan can afford to ignore these days.

Most online businesses have to start small and work their way through but it’s getting tougher out there. If your website is based on a template, most probably you don’t have the budget for a custom mobile version or an app.

Fun facts:

  • Last year in 2014, mobile exceeded PC internet usage for the first time in history (source). We really can’t imagine a scenario where this would be reversible. It is your last chance to get on board!
  • This year in April, Google rolled out the mobile-friendly update (source) affecting everybody with a bad mobile UX. If organic traffic is not a huge component of your marketing mix, you are already doing it wrong.

The “good news” is that not even 40% of the Fortune 500 websites are currently mobile friendly (source), but rest assured, they are working on it as you read these lines.

Did we manage to cause a small amount of panic? Good. The sooner you realize that this is serious and you are sabotaging yourself, the better. Feel free to do some extra research on this topic if all this sounds a bit exaggerated to you.

Yes, responsive design is a good thing but it doesn’t get the full job done.

So how does one with limited resources can do more? Boy, do we have great news for you.

We thought of taking it to the next level by introducing separate frontend display rules for each page/menu item you create. By simply clearing a checkbox in the CMS, you can set each page to appear only on desktops, tablets and/or mobile phones.

You can also use this feature at a more granular level for widgets, shortcodes, sliders and maps, thus actually creating 3 different versions of the same website. This will significantly increase the user experience you are offering.

What all this will cost you? Nothing, it's one of the many awesome built-in features of our CMS.

You're welcome.