The unknown story

From lifesaver to devsaver

14 years of working on custom projects exclusively, offering complete website solutions and just being there no matter what, constantly identified us as a real lifesaver.

And then, in 2017, it was time to start sharing our best assets with fellow developers so we became DevSaver, a crew of digital superheroes that always delivers.

Each one of us has a different mastery you can benefit from:

Site Templates

Use the ability to visually transform your outfit piece by piece for any target audience or device and stand out in the crowd.


Meet the underdog perfected through thousands of sleepless nights more than ready to battle specs and complete that project.


Discover the power of a developer community guaranteed to solve your issues via support tickets and assist on the forum.


We all come as one to rescue deadlines while saving developers time and money, same thing amiright?

Brand Logos

The main symbol is used to represent DevSaver the one-stop shop of ready-made complete website solutions.

Main Logo

The overall brand of the company.

Dark version

Used on very light backgrounds

Download ai, svg, png

Light version

Used on dark backgrounds

Download ai, svg, png


Used on both light and dark backgrounds

Download ai, svg, png

Secondary Logos

Products and services included in the overall brand.

Site Templates logo kit

Download ai, svg, png

Web CMS logo kit

Download ai, svg, png

Hangout logo kit

Download ai, svg, png

Size Considerations

All the brand symbols are made on a 16x16 pixel grid so they look the sharpest on these sizes: 32x32px, 64x64px, 128x128px, 256x256px, 512x512px and so on.

Color Palette

The brand uses 3 main colors and a combination of darker and lighter grays.


RGB 143, 209, 35


CMYK 48, 0, 100, 0


RGB 223, 95, 52


CMYK 8, 77, 90, 1


RGB 142, 68, 172


CMYK 53, 84, 0, 0




Usually used in the text color



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