Now you can enjoy a proper web CMS in PHP & MySQL that's also for non-coders

Ten+ years perfected this powerful platform for developers yet still perfectly usable by anyone who once started a blog

Go live right from the start

  • Enable and customize the placeholder page that features a fully working contact form builder (10 field types & built-in CAPTCHA)
  • The coming soon mode returns a 200 (OK) response code while the maintenance mode returns a 503 HTTP response code (Service Temporarily Unavailable)
  • In either mode, send email invitations with access links that allow certain visitors to view the full website

Multi-language to the very last field

  • 100% full RTL support (Arabic, Hebrew etc.)
  • Automatic language detection based on browser preferences
  • Supports UTF8 encoding
  • Detects custom CSS files based on language and direction RTL / LTR.

SEO friendly is an understatement

  • Meta title & description fields w/ character counter
  • 404-403 error collector & 301-302 URL redirects
  • Automated logs of aliases & subdomains + cross-domain redirects
  • Auto-generated XML sitemap index based on
  • Robots <META> tag for each page: (no)follow, (no)index
  • Friendly URLs & ALT attribute field for images
  • Robots.txt file editor for HTTP & a different one for HTTPS

Modular & scalable no matter how complex the websites become

  • Instance modules: a page is created based on one forming the main part to which you can add sections
  • Global modules: connect to instance modules and handle functionality like user management or e-shop

Spammers have no chance

  • Automatically detects domains & IP's so you can ban any visitor action from the front end.
  • 3000+ email burner list and you can add more.
  • Built-in CAPTCHA support in all forms.
  • 1 click Akismet integration

Collect and organize leads

  • Multiple newsletter subscriber lists to link with different widgets.
  • Export and import subscriber lists in different formats (XLS, XLSX, CSV).
  • Implementation with MailChimp.

Ensure delivery of all emails

  • Supports multiple outgoing email servers; based on SwiftMailer and PHPMailer libraries.
  • Assign separate servers to different email templates.
  • DKIM signature integration.
  • Email logger & debugger.

Acquire and manage users

  • Registration form builder: user types with different autoresponder email settings & register confirmations (single or double opt-in, manual admin approval), 12 types of form fields (assignable to one or more user types), multiple data validations (unique, optional/required).
  • User groups (used for access permissions on modules), user profile editing & changes log, user filtering with export.
  • Local authentification & the most popular social logins integrated: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, PayPal, GitHub.

Granular access permissions for groups of administrators

An admin can be in multiple groups at the same time and receive access permissions to:

  • Operations: List, Add, Edit & Delete
  • Sections: global modules & configuration areas, types of instance modules & newly created instance modules

Media goodies

Built-in plugins you're probably used to that make life easy

Media uploader

Easily crop images on the spot and even mass upload all sorts of multimedia files with a single click.

WYSIWYG editor

Enjoy advanced text formatting with the latest incorporated CKEditor and its amazing 100+ features.

File manager

Increase your productivity with KCFinder by uploading and managing multiple files straight from the editor.

Media plugins

Use dozens of small to complex plugins from Plyr, lightGallery, fullPage.js to Slider Revolution and even GSAP.

Icon fonts

Spice up your look with premium icon packs from IcoMoon, Font Awesome, IcoFont, Lindua and Linearicons.


Copy & paste classes from the Animate.css library for main elements or use their shortcodes on text and images.

More than just responsive

Granular settings to create 3 different versions of the same website just by clicking

Go as far as building a web app

Deactivate widgets, media sections or pages

Apply separate device display rules to certain page elements; by simply clearing a checkbox in the CMS, you can set each widget, background, slider, map, shortcode, or even the page (module) itself to appear only on desktops, tablets or mobile phones. Increase your mobile user experience!

Assign different layouts to tablets & mobiles

Create mobile versions of your site without using subdomains, the CMS automatically detects devices and serves the specially assigned layouts. Also, pages (modules) can get custom CSS skins for tablets and mobiles, transforming everything into a web app. Save a lot of development time!

Front-end developers

Easy to advanced options that offer as much flexibility as you need

5 transparent layers of backgrounds

Images with effects (Infinite Scrolling, Parallax, Ken Burns), sliders, YouTube or local videos, split areas, solid colors, gradients, transparent, all with overlays and animations, that can be assigned from pages to widgets.

Static & dynamic widgets

Create static and dynamic widgets simply by clicking, then go in the Layout Widgets Editor to drag & drop them on the Bootstrap layouts of instance and global modules.

Unlimited nested shortcodes

Customizable native shortcodes similar to WordPress ones but simpler and that actually work all the way when nested; recommended for small to medium design elements in the editor area, widgets are best used outside of it.

JS / CSS / HTML concatenation & minification

Not only super important for reducing the time it takes your website to load but you'll be able to switch between modes with one click and easily find the right files.

CSS Skin Editor

Change the main colors without coding but also roll up your sleeves and create new helper classes or child skins in the built-in CSS Skin Editor (CodeMirror with Emmet support).

Back-end programmers

Follows OOP paradigm + well-structured, optimized & light-weight code

No HTML markup in PHP code

Thanks to our simple and fast templating engine, you'll rediscover the joy of modifying someone else's HTML code.

MySQL Adminer

A full-featured database management tool that is reccomended for advanced developers only is just two clicks away.

Append & prepend HTML snippets

Although all the basic functionality and more can be achieved without coding, you'll notice plenty of places you can insert code.

CMS pages from XML

We've made it really easy for courageous developers to customize the back end, all the CMS pages are generated from XML files.


Complete usability without coding - learn the basics in under 10 min


Create ad zones, manage banners and monitor the development of each promotional campaign.

Calls to action

Manage your customer acquisition funnel in one place by assigning CTA sections to modules.

Social Media

Set the native share or work with AddThis and ShareThis integrated plugins to boost traffic.

Update Manager

Maintain your platform at the latest version and scale up with add-ons just by clicking.

Menu Manager

Build a sophisticated navigation menu in three versions for desktop, tablet and phone.


Enable local or social comments already placed via a widget at the bottom of every layout.

Email templates

Assign separate email servers to different email templates and set autoresponders.


Five types of pop-ups with frequency capping and many other granular settings.

URL rewrite engine & automated installation within minutes

  • System requirements: Apache / IIS7+ / Lightspeed web server that has URL rewrite support, min. 64Mb PHP Memory Limit, and cURL with SSL support
  • PHP supported versions: 5.4+ & 7+

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