HTML5 Bootstrap templates with CMS

Automated installation within minutes

24/7 fast support and special requests

The right CMS for your website

A genuine CMS software platform in PHP & MySQL to rely on over time

Full source code included

Get commercial reuse rights for each purchased license - develop your project without limitations and resell it for the highest ROI on the market!

Fully automated installation

It only takes a few minutes to install your website template with CMS. Follow the step-by-step install manual. Or we can do it for you!

Responsive designs & CMS

You also get responsive HTML5 & CSS3 frontend designs built on the Bootstrap 3 grid system. Fun fact: even the CMS is responsive!

Lifetime CMS & template updates

We're constantly improving to keep up with the best industry standards. You will always get free updates in your account!

Custom requests

We are available and willing to help with any kind of frontend or backend customization. Truly nothing is off the table!

24/7 free support

Our support crew will respond to any enquiry within 24h during business days and 48h during the weekend. Ask us anything!

Awesome features

Probably the most advanced CMS you never knew is available on the market

Stable & secure

  • No 3rd party PHP extensions/plugins
  • Separated frontend and admin areas, no communication between them is possible
  • Fully protected / tested for MySQL Injection
  • Disallowed script executions from user uploaded folders
  • Manual switch HTTP/HTTPS (with auto-redirects) for entire site or just for protected modules.
  • Administration area generated using XML to minimise custom coding
  • Custom errors handler and support email notification

Native multi-language

  • Full RTL support (Arabic, Hebrew etc)
  • Automatic language detection based on browser preferences
  • Supports UTF8 encoding
  • Detects custom CSS files based on language and direction RTL / LTR.

SEO friendly

  • 404-403 error collector & 301-302 redirects
  • Auto-generated XML sitemap based on
  • Built-in URL rewrite engine to generate friendly URLs
  • Meta title and meta description fields for each page w/ character counter
  • Robots <META> tag for each page: (no)follow, (no)index - just by clicking checkmarks
  • ALT attribute field for images
  • Robots.txt file editor for HTTP & a different one for HTTPS

Placeholder module

  • the coming soon mode returns a 200 (OK) response code.
  • the maintenance mode returns a 503 HTTP response code (Service Temporarily Unavailable)
  • invitations support to allow certain visitors to view the full website

Definitely not a web builder

A proper CMS for any skill level - usable even with zero coding experience

Structured for developers

It only takes common sense to go through the separate PHP & MySQL files and modify core functionality. The code is well documented.

Easy for frontend designers

We kept it clean so you can easily customize the markup. You may even change all the HTML & JS and also use the built-in CSS skin editor.

No-brainer for end users

Your client can create pages & edit content just by clicking. It has the shortest possible learning curve & built-in CMS user documentation.


What really makes it different

Scalable modular structure

Fully modularized - You create pages based on instance modules. Each CMS module has its own specific functionality and individual set of MySQL tables that can handle large amounts of data. This is also useful in case of a server crash, minimizing the quantity of data you risk loosing.

Highly scalable - Having a modular content management system also makes it extremely easy to add extra functionality. You will take it with a smile no matter how complex the websites become.

Separate frontend display rules

By simply clearing a checkbox in the CMS, you can set each menu item / page / section to appear only on desktops, tablets and/or mobile phones. You can also use this feature at a more granular level for widgets, shortcodes, sliders and maps, thus actually creating 3 different versions of the same website.

This will significantly increase the mobile user experience you are offering and also save a lot of development time with clients that want more than just a regular responsive website.


Whatever makes you happy

As a developer

  • Built-in MySQL Adminer tool: full-featured database management editor
  • Built-in PHP Info tool: outputs information about PHP's configuration
  • CMS forms & pages generated using XML files
  • CSS / JS concatenation & minification
  • Supports multiple outgoing email servers; based on SwiftMailer and PHPMailer libraries
  • Built-in CAPTCHA support
  • Newsletter w/ MailChimp API
  • Compatible with any Apache webserver (recommended), but it also works great on Microsoft IIS7+ webserver with IIS URL Rewrite module.

As a frontend designer

  • Separate HTML / JS / CSS from PHP
  • Native shortcode support (predefined & custom)
  • Built-in CSS skin editor (w/ CodeMirror)
  • Icon Font support
  • Layout Widgets Editor (Bootstrap 3) - customize the default module layouts or create new ones based on widgets
  • Drag and drop widgets (static & dynamic)
  • AddThis & ShareThis support

As a content editor / marketer

  • Native multi-language support
  • Incorporated CKEditor
  • HTML / JS image cropper & image mass uploader
  • HTML / JS file uploader
  • Tracking codes support for specific pages or the entire website: append custom code (HTML or JavaScript) to <head> or <body>
  • Built-in file manager
  • Google Search Console & Analytics support
  • Bing Webmaster Tools support

Full off proven technologies

---- PHP ----

Facebook SDK

----- JS ----

jQuery / jQuery UI / jQuery Mobile
Isotope / MetaFizy