HTML5 Bootstrap templates with CMS

Automated installation within minutes

24/7 fast support and special requests

Install service

Flawless installation and initial configuration

If our automated installer and complete step-by-step guide (.pdf manual) didn't help you succeed, you're probably not very passionate about server configuration. That's why we're not going to list here a lot of tech requirements (most hosting services comply with them) and keep it simple.

All we need from you to install and configure your purchased template is your cPanel login information (username/password) or alternative access to your hosting. Our system is compatible with any Apache webserver (recommended), but it also works great on Microsoft IIS7+ webserver with IIS URL Rewrite module.

How this works: you apply, we send you an invoice, you pay the fee ($50) via PayPal and we will deliver within 48 hours or less during business days.

Front-end design

Customize the stock design or replace it completely

There's no doubt that you'll need to make some changes to your purchased template. From adjusting the color scheme to creating a totaly new layout structure, we made sure all can be done without headache. Tools like the CSS Skin Editor and the Layout Widgets Editor (with drag & drop functionality) will become your new best friend. You have the means to easily meet all requirements.

What you probably don't have is time and that's when it might be more convenient for you to let us do the heavy lifting and complete the project to the highest of standards.

How this works: send us a list of exact specifications or your new design (HTML or not) and we'll get back to you with an estimation/proposal.

Back-end development

Modify existing features or add more functionality

You don't need to have mad coding skills to modify basic functionality, the modular structure of the CMS is versatile and expandable. But we can't also say that you'll be successful after reading a quick PHP tutorial either. You need to have a decent understanding of how things work.

Our code is clean and well documented so you can easily find your way through. Lots of developers are getting creative with it and we couldn't be more happy about this. Still, if you feel that it's not your cup of tea, we are available and will code anything to perfection no matter how complex.

How this works: send us a list of functional modifications and the corresponding front-end design (if you have preferences) and we'll get back to you with an estimation/proposal.