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This is where you can update your platform, access resources (icons, shortcodes, CSS classes) without leaving the page you're working on and use some more advanced tools.

Update Manager

The only place in the CMS where you can upload any valid update or add-on (*.dvs file), view all the update logs and delete non-critical installed modules; you don't have to but it's possible if your project requires it.

You'll notice that pretty much everything in the CMS is a small module but we didn't want to focus on this information in the user guide, it only matters for developers that dive into the code.

Icon Library

Search icons in all available collections of your product, copy their shortcodes and paste them in any editable text field throughout the CMS.

Shortcode Library

All the user-defined and auto-generated shortcodes of other modules & widgets.

PHP Info

Outputs a large amount of information about the current state of PHP. This includes information about PHP compilation options and extensions, the PHP version, server information and environment (if compiled as a module), the PHP environment, OS version information, paths, master and local values of configuration options, HTTP headers and the PHP License.

File Manager

Browse the /upload folder on your server with the integrated CKFinder web file manager.

CSS Classes

All the pre-defined animations and helper classes available to copy & paste.

MySQL Adminer

Full-featured database management tool.

This tool is for advanced developers only. Proceed at your own risk!

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