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The Pricing Table Module

The quick way to reach the module section of your contact page at any time is by clicking its name in the left side column of the CMS interface.

click the tabs to access different settings and content areas. You can recognize which tab you are on by color association, e.g. if you click the green tab, all the boxes located right below the tab bar will be green.

In the Pricing Table module section

The Settings tab: is already presented in the main Pricing Table chapter.

The Head Content tab: edit your page title and description, SEO settings and tracking codes.

The Item Rows tab: add and edit item rows for the pricing plans.

The Form Fields tab: customize the pricing plans.

Use the Add New button located in the upper-right corner of the list box to create a new plan.

Use these buttons to:

 - delete any plan.

 - trigger the edit section of any plan.

 - vertically drag & drop any plan and changes the order it appears on the front end.

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