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This is where you can change the default fallbacks, edit the layouts of your pages (modules) or create new ones.

Even if separated in the top menu of the CMS interface, we've put Layouts and Widgets in the same tab bar because they work closely together and it's easier to switch between them like this.

Layouts blue tab

Use the Edit/Save buttons located in the upper-right corner of the section and select the default fallback layouts for modules and footers (public & protected).

Layouts orange tab

Use the Search & Filter options located right above the Items list box to find layouts by admin note and type (module, footer, drop mega menu).

To identify the right layout of a page (module), look in the Assigned to column of the list box; you can also click on those page (module) names to access their settings and content areas.

In the Items list box, use these buttons to:

- order the layout list ascending or descending (click the column titles).

- delete any layout.

- trigger the details section of any layout where you can edit its settings and structure.

- duplicate any layout to avoid customizing one from scratch.

If you delete a layout that's assigned to one or multiple pages (modules), your content will not be lost. Those pages (modules) will continue to exist by automatically switching to the default fallback layouts. You can change these fallbacks in the blue Layouts tab.

Assign a new layout to a page (module)

1. Click the page (module) name in the left side column of the CMS interface.

2. Click the Module tab > Advanced Settings > Edit/Save buttons.

3. Select the new layout in the Design Layouts box.

Most pages (instance modules) automatically generate and assign one or multiple layouts to themselves on creation. When you delete one of these pages (instance modules), its layout(s) will remain in the list for future use or manual deletion.

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