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This is where you can add, edit and assign backgrounds to any page, nav menu, module, page title block or footer.

This is the only place where you can upload backgrounds at a global level. Once uploaded, you can:

  • assign them here to any page, nav menu, module, page title block or footer.
  • select them when working in the Layouts (Module & Footer), Widgets, Top Intro, Pop-ups, CTA, Copyright Bar or Placeholder sections.

Click the tabs to access different settings and content areas. You can recognize which tab you are on by color association, e.g. if you click the green tab, all the boxes below the tab bar will be green.

Backgrounds tab

Use the Add New button located in the upper-right corner of the Items list box to add a new background.

The mandatory Admin Note field is not displayed on the front end, it only keeps backgrounds organized in the back end.

You can choose from seven background types: image, local video, solid color, ken burns, slider, youtube & transparent.

In the Items list box, use these buttons to:

- order the background list ascending or descending (click the column titles).

- delete any background.

- trigger the edit section of any background.

- duplicate any background to avoid customizing one from scratch.

Page, Nav Menu, Module, Page Title & Footer tabs

In any of these tabs, use the Assign button located in the upper-right corner of the list box to assign backgrounds to sections; learn more about the backgrounds stacking order of a page.

Page backgrounds are visible on the front end only if the site style is "boxed" or when it's set to "full browser width" and other backgrounds of page sections are set to "transparent". You can change your site style in the Site Style & Skins section.

  • Backgrounds assigned to specific pages will overwrite any existing ones set for all pages.
  • If you have multiple backgrounds assigned to the same specific page or to all pages, the system will randomly display one of them on each reload.

Overlays tab

Customize all the predefined overlays or create unlimited new CSS overlay effects. You can select and apply them in the edit section of any background.

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