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This is where you can edit global settings for CAPTCHA, domains & IPs, email burners and Akismet.

Click the tabs to access different settings and content areas. You can recognize which tab you are on by color association, e.g. if you click the purple tab, all the boxes below the tab bar will be purple.

The actions of these buttons are universal in any list box:

- orders the item list ascending or descending (click the column titles).

- deletes any item.

- triggers the edit section of any item.

Module tab

Advanced Settings

Services box: enable or disable the functionality of the services available via the rest of the tabs.

Language Variables

Dedicated box(es): modify the predefined text variables of the module.


Use the Edit/Save buttons located in the upper-right corner of the area to change the default settings.

By default, the CAPTCHA is enabled and has 4 letters that are not case-sensitive.

You can also disable the CAPTCHA only on certain pages in their advanced module settings section; learn more about the Instance Modules option.

Domains & IPs tab

Automatically detects domains & IP's so you can ban any visitor action from the front end.

Email Burners tab

Edit the 3000+ email burner list or add more.

Akismet tab

Enter the Akismet API key and apply settings globally or only to selected modules.

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