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This is where you can set up the temporary placeholder page (coming soon or maintenance), add invites to view the main site and read your messages.

Click the tabs to access different settings and content areas. You can recognize which tab you are on by color association, e.g. if you click the orange tab, all the boxes below the tab bar will be orange.

The actions of these buttons are universal in any list box:

- orders the item list ascending or descending (click the column titles).

- deletes any item.

- triggers the edit section of any item.

- vertically drags and drops any item and changes the order it appears on the front end.

Module tab: coming soon or maintenance mode

Advanced Settings

Use the Edit/Save buttons located in the upper-right corner of the Advanced Settings box to:

  • Enable or disable the placeholder page.

It is recommended that you activate this page after you have all the settings and content in place, as it will become visible on the front end right away.

  • Select a mode: coming soon or maintenance.

When you activate this page for the second time onward, it is recommended that you select the maintenance mode, as it will return a 503 HTTP response code (Service Unavailable) which tells search engine crawlers that the downtime is temporary. Obviously, the coming soon mode returns a 200 (OK) response code.

  • Enable or disable the countdown timer, set a start and expiration date.

When the countdown timer expiration date is due, the placeholder page will not be replaced automatically with your site. The placeholder page will remain active on the front end, but with the countdown timer disabled.

  • Set access permissions for users logged in into the administration panel or invited persons to view your main site.
  • Select the type of email template the invited persons will receive;

You can also create a custom email template; learn more about the Emails & Mailing Server section.

  • Set up the background of your placeholder page by selecting it from the corresponding drop-down list. You can upload and manage these backgrounds in the Backgrounds module.

Language Variables

Dedicated box(es): modify the predefined text variables of the module.

Module Details tab: page content and SEO

Use the Edit/Save buttons located in the upper-right corner of the section to edit your page title and description, SEO settings and tracking codes.

Invites tab: invite persons to view your main site

Use the Search option located right above the list box to find invites by email or by name.

Use the Add New button located in the upper-right corner of the list box to add a new invite.

Messages tab: view and reply to messages received via the contact form

Use the Search option located right above the list box to find messages by email, keywords, status or by date range.

- use this button to trigger the details section of any message where you can even reply to your received email.

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